Mapping and Charting  

Mapping and Charting  
  • Out-of-Home advertising works. We reach people throughout their day: to/from work or school, shopping, enjoying leisure activities, where-ever and whenever they’re outside their home.
  • OUTFRONT Media Canada’s mapping department of GIS specialists and Out-of-Home charting professionals are expert at identifying the best campaign options based on geographical skews. They marry our inventory locations with GIS attributes to generate the best combination of products and locations for your campaign needs.
  • OUTFRONT Media’s SMART mapping system makes demographic and product usage data mappable. This alone or in combination with destination databases – helps fine-tune location lists to boost the impact of an Outdoor campaign.
  • We utilize Manifold Data Mining’s “Superdemographics” to map:
    • Demographics (age, gender, income, occupation, education)
    • Lifestyle (leisure activities, lifestage, psychographics)
    • Product usage (consumption and purchase behaviour)
    • Retail behaviour
  • We maintain Destination Databases:
    • OUTFRONT Media's Mapping department also maintains over 600 destination databases: restaurants, stores, leisure & financial destinations and are able to work with or create custom destination databases upon request.
Smart Mapping

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